What is


is a trademarked approach to effective modular building.

It's a philosophy that doesn't try to just replace traditional construction methods, but rather combines the best aspects of traditional construction with lean manufacturing methods to get the best of both worlds.

We believe an approach to modular building that incorporates a balance between direct labour, and specialist service partners is the most effective approach to modular building today.

As an MEP specialist, we act on your behalf to research, develop and implement new technologies and modular build methods to continually improve build time.

As a specialist service partner, we mitigate your risk with complete ownership over the design, build and quality control procedures of your MEP installations.

How does it work?

We operate as your specialist service partner. Providing a full service approach to MEP.

We operate as a partnership. Fitting within your existing management structure so we are equally held accountable as any other department. We begin with an assessment of your M&E design, working with your existing design team to maximise ‘off-line’ pre-fabrication, and implement modular products and methods that save time and money. We can also develop drawings to construction issue at your request.

Our modular supervisors prepare and present operating procedures, quality control measures, health and safety monitoring and data reporting processes that are essential for the efficient running of the factory floor. When this is approved, our engineers get to work on delivering quality M&E installations for your projects.

We know that feedback is essential for continually improving efficiency and working as part of a larger production line. We provide real time data alongside our formal weekly and monthly reports on output, savings, issues, and modular research & development progress.



We work with your existing design team to provide a full design service. Reviewing your existing design to highlight opportunities to increase 'off-line' production in MEP. Designs are produced to mirror the build phases and come with detailed SOPs.



We have developed a range of modular products to increase both speed and quality. Our aim is always to limit the time spent in the module and on the line, whilst simultaneously improving quality and reducing risk.   



Our management team come with years of experience in their respected fields and undergo specific process improvement training to develop modular systems on the factory floor. We work with your existing management team, implementing your processes to fit in line with your ways of working.   



Our detailed design process and experienced management team have allowed us to apply the correct skill levels to the  installation process. As a result, we provide a full, experienced team of Newtons Connect MEP Engineers at a greatly reduced cost. 



Data collection, data accuracy and speed of reporting is absolutely key to continually improve efficiency, reduce time and cost. We implement a solid reporting structure and continual review process that feeds into your working practices.

A fixed price costing method

Price per module

We operate on a price per module basis, meaning you have clear financial visibility and are able to forecast costs down to the penny.   

Inclusive of site works

Our fixed price is inclusive of on site intermodule connections. We also provide a fix price for site based distribution and communal installations.   

Materials included

Our full service approach means that we take the responsibility for the management and supply of materials. We cost this on an open book, fixed margin basis.

Invoice on output

We only invoice when the modules leave the factory, meaning our income is tied to our output and ensures continual drive to operate in the most efficient way possible.

A tried and tested modular approach

We've been working with established clients to improve efficiency and quality in modular construction.

Craig Harrison is our Technical Director and heads up the Newtons Connect Modular contracts. Get in touch with him using the details below to find out more information, or arrange a free survey to see what Newtons Connect can do for you