Block, estate and property management
Mechanical & Electrical
With first-hand experience of the juggle that is property management, we’ve developed our own, unique offering to make block, property and estate management easier.

We provide a single point of contact to take care of tendering, project management, and compliance and our open-book process gives you complete transparency right down to the raw costs.


Newtons is a one-stop-shop for your estate management:
Maintain your existing relationships

We'll keep working with the contractors you like and use our vetted pool to get you better quality results across all services.

Total visibility and trust in your compliance

Our in-house chartered engineer keeps up to date with regulations to make sure our team is in the know. Our bespoke compliance software gives you complete visibility and automated alerts across your whole portfolio.

Expand your portfolio without growing the team

We take on the site surveys, chasing quotes and managing remedial works so your team can focus on growing the business.

Happier, well-looked after clients

We take a people-centric approach, finding whatever ways possible to minimise disruption to tenants. We handle the contract admin to free you up to spend more time with clients.

Assurance that you're paying the right price

Our open-book process breaks down all costs from raw materials through to labour. We're transparent with margins so you can feel confident you're getting value for money.

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Block estate and property management

“Newtons give me a personalised service. With other contractors, I had to go through a helpdesk and leave note on the system. Now I can call, email or whatsapp and they keep track of it all. I get direct updates from the person who’s actually been on-site with the contractors and subbies.”

Rahim, Brunsfield

“Newtons came up with an alternative schedule of works that not only came in cheaper but limited disruption to our tenants which is our top priority. Their costs are transparent so I know exactly what we’re getting and was happy to hand over the project management.”

Alex, Petchey
Contracts Manager
Frank began his career by working with his Dad on general building projects and quickly set his sights on becoming a qualified engineer. Newtons were happy to put him through his apprenticeship to become a fully qualified and experienced electrician. Frank expanded his knowledge in building services through numerous training programs and became responsible for a vast amount of maintenance and compliance tasks. Frank is now an exceptionally competent contracts manager known for delivering Newtons core values of Attentiveness, Trust and Excellence.